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AWCMS Elected Officers 2016-2017
Co-Presidents                                           Mary Conklin, Carole Hess, Linda Smith
Immediate Past President                      Lainey Lieberstein
President Elect                                          TBA
1st VP Publications                                  Sally Hardwick
2nd VP Membership                                Rene Rores
Recording Secretary                                 Nancy Berndt   
Treasurer General Fund                          Laura Pinto
TreasurerCAF                                            Laura Pinto
Nominating                                                Lainey Lieberstein, Katy Mann, Vickie Lemieux, Mary Elliott, Kitty Smith

AWCMS Appointed Officers-Committee Chairs
Parliamentarian                                        Katy Mann
Corresponding Secretary                       Marge Quaglieri
Historian                                                    Jean Myles
Alliance Circle                                           Nancy Evans
CAF                                                             Linda Lester
CAF/UNR Liason                                     Jean Myles
Finance                                                      Laura Pinto
Holiday Luncheon                                   Jan Brady, Vicki Lemieux
Holiday Raffle                                           Lainey Lieberstein
Legislation                                                Linda Smith
Med Flyer Newsletter                              Sally Hardwick
Mailing                                                       Sandy Miercort
Past Presidents                                       Susie Riley
Programs                                                  Carole Hess
Luncheon Reservations                         Patty Rosenauer
Projects and Planning                            Trudy Wallace, Maureen Tappan, Shelley Carrea
Public Relations/Marketing                    Whitney Freeman, Rebecca Young
Web Master                                               Shelley Carrea
RPS/MSS                                                   TBD