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Luncheons and Events
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September 19, 2017
       Welcome Back Luncheon
       Home of Carole Hess
       Chaired by Carole, Katy and Kim

October 17, 2017
       AWCMS Luncheon
       Chaired by Mary Gainey

December 12, 2017
       Holiday Luncheon
       Atlantis Resort and Spa
       Chaired by Linette Shepherd

January 16, 2018
       AWCMS Luncheon
       Chaired by Lainey Lieberstein

February 20, 2018
       AWCMS Luncheon or evening event
       Chair TBA

March 3, 2018
       Gala Evening event
       Chaired by Whitney Freeman

April 17, 2018
       AWCMS Luncheon
       Chair TBA
       Vote on slate of officers and budget

May 15, 2018
       AWCMS Installation Luncheon
       Chaired by Carole, Katy and Kim