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September Welcome
Back  Luncheon
Tables at the September general membership and
lunch were set around the Conklin's pool.  The yard
was ablaze with flowers, and the weather was perfect.  
Past Treasurer Kim Rinehart and AWCMS Past
President Monica were caught comparing photos of
new grandchildren immediately after the luncheon.
Past-president Christina Lazzarini (2002-3), a recognized
film maker, explained the film festival to be held as a fund
raising event early next summer.  The event will be held
in the theater in the Joe Crowley Building on the UNR
campus. More on this later.  
Whitney Freeman is not really new, but has not been able
to be active until now.  New members, lt to rt:  Zoe
Cadwell, Whitney, Kerry Kozlowski and Carrie
Yamamoto.  Whitney is serving on the Board as a Public
Relations/Marketing Co-chairman with Rebecca Young.  
2016 Co-president Lind Smith welcomed
new member Teri Chudnow.  Teri is a
Posture Alignment Specialist; her husband is
a General Practitioner.   
Past Presidents Brenda Twite (2009-10) and Susie
Riley (1982-83), current Past President's Chairman,
wore their Past President's medallions.  Brenda is
wearing hers showing AWCMS and the date.  Susie
Riley's shows the beautiful Morgan design of
Liberty.  Hers has a closed back, which was
changed, in 1991, when we realized that the mint
mark could not be seen.  The newer design shows
both the mint-mark (on the reverse) and the date
under Liberty (on the obverse) sides of the coin.  It
also includes a small state of Nevada.  A silver dollar
was, at one time, a very popular piece of jewelry.  It
was chosen for the AWCMS medallion because of
the history of silver and Nevada's statehood.  Most
Morgan dollars were made of Nevada silver.   
Immediate Past-president Lainey Lieberstein
(2015-16) asked for help with the silent
auction, to be held at the Holiday Event in
December.  Lainey and her husband are
living in temporary housing while their
flooded house is renovated.  She needs extra
hands with the silent auction.  
Look who is returning as an active member.  Carel
Nielsen co-chaired the Rummage Sale in 1980, with
her leg in a cast.