About Us

We are the Alliance with the Washoe County Medical
Socity (AWCMS)
,  a non profit, volunteer run organization
whose members include physicians, physicians
spouses/domestic partners, medical students, medical
residents, and friends of medicine.  Our members are all
dedicated to promoting health and wellness in our Northern
Nevada community.

The AWCMS works in conjunction with Washoe County
Medical Society, Nevada State Medical Association,
American Medical Association and their respective alliances.
Copyright 2014 Alliance with the Washoe County Medical Society.  All rights reserved.
Our History

The Auxiliary to the Washoe
County Medical Society was
chartered in 1947.  Its name
became the Alliance with the
Washoe County Medical
Society in 1998. The AWCMS
logo was designed by Martha
Voyevidka in 1982 and became
the symbol of our health
related community service
organization.  Our logo, its form
as well as the triangular motif,
is uniquely associated with the
Washoe Tribe.  The symbol is
patterned after a basket woven
in the late 1800's by
Dat-So-La-Lee, or Dabuda.  
She was a well known
Washoe Native American
basket weaver.
Current Committee
2016-2017 co-presidents:  Mary Conklin, Carole Hess and Linda Smith