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May Installation Luncheon
Past Presidents Jean Mullins and Past
President's Chairman Shelley Carrea
presented outgoing President Lainey
Lieberstein her Past President's Medallion
and a few items from the Rummage Sale to
remind her of her year.  
It was the annual installation luncheon, but
also … business as usual.  Rene Rores,
Membership Chairman explained the
membership application, and asked
everyone to remind other members to send
in their dues as soon as possible.  
Paige Miller, NSMA Community
and Membership Liaison, was
also a guest at the AWCMS
Installation event.  
Nevada State Medical Association
Executive Director Cat O'Mara was
a guest at the May 17th event.
Past Presidents Kitty Smith (2007-08),
Nancy Proctor (2001-02) and Barbara
Thompson (2001-02), with Recording
Secretary Nancy Berndt.  
Past Presidents Nancy Proctor (2001-2002),
Carol Coppola (1995-96), Nancy Evans
(1983-84) and Ruth Halvorson (1979-80).  
Nancy is the on-going Alliance Circle Chairman.  
Past Presidents Ruth Halvorson
(1979-80) and Eileen Edgcomb (1996-97).
Before lunch was served, people had time to
catch up with each other and discuss plans for
the year.  CAF Chairman Linda Lester and
Margaret VanDyken share a moment.  
Incoming Co-Presidents Mary Conklin, Carole Hess and Linda
Smith all presented their goals for the year.  Carol was "President
for the Day."  All three greeted members as they arrived.   
Past Presidents Jean Mullins (2014-15, Shelley
Carrea (2008-09) and Katy Mann (2011-12 and
2013-14), with past Treasurer Joyce Sundstrom
(in green).
Corresponding Secretary Marge Quaglieri
and Projects and Planning Co-chairman,
Past President Trudy Wallace (2003-04,
2004-05).  A dedicated AWCMS member,
Trudy flew up from her second home in
Arizona for the meeting and for the first
AWCMS Board meeting of the year.  
Carole Hess photo.  Members of the incoming board, Nominating
Committee Kitty Smith and Vickie Lemieux, Parliamentarian Katy
Mann, Recording Secretary Nancy Berndt, Treasurer Laura
Pinto-Seher, Membershp Chairman Rene Rores and Immediate
Past President Lainey Liberstein.
Two new members, Whitney Freeman and Rebecca Young were
welcomed by incoming Co-president Carole Hess.  Whitney is not
new to the area, but is now an active member of  AWCMS.
Whitney Freeman and new member
Kathleen Glynn at the registration desk.  
Recording Secretary Marge Quagliery, incoming
Co-president Linda Smith and outgoing
President Lainey Lieberstein.  
CAF Chairman Kim Rinehart, General
Membership Treasurer Carolyn
Killeen and Corresponding Secretary
Marge Qualieri greeted members at
the registration desk.  Marge was
responsible for the floral decorations
for the event.