1947*             Lela Parson (Lawrence)
1948*             Betty Hood (A.J.)
1949*             Ada Harper (T. Claire)
1950*             Evelyn Bibb (Clyde)
1950-51         Elise Hall (Wesley)
1951-52*        Sally Elliott (Fred)
1952-53*        Nell Gerow (Lynn B)
1953-54*        Phil Locke (Robert)
1954-55*        Tick Cantlon (Edwin L.)
1955-56*        Anne Anderson (Fred)
1956-57*        Enid Kernan (Francis)
1957-58*        Jo Smernoff (Noah)
1958-59*        Mariam Salvadorini (Vasco)
1959-60*        Pug Sanders (Liebert J)
1960-61*        Jean Peterson (Lowell)
1961-62         Louise Russell (Lawrence)
1962-63         Elizabeth Lenz (Gilbert)
1963-64*        Dorothy Moulton (Olin C)
1964-65         Maddy Sondregger (M.A.)
1965-66         Eva Rosenauer (Adolf)
1966-67         Pat Callister
1967-68         Zena Ervin (John)
1968-69         Maxine Landis (S.N.)
1969-70         Lou Marie Hlubucek (Donald)
1970-71         Barbara Bynum (William)
1971-72         Kay Loudon (Don)
1972-73*        Janet Curry (Arrah)
1973-74         Joan Shonnard (Clairborne)
1974-75         Ruth Anne Kelly (John Jr.)
1975-76*        Virginia Dales (Gerald)
1976-77         Marilyn Stewart (Robert)
1977-78         Judith Inskip (Richard)
1978-79         Patricia Cafferata (Treat)
1979-80         Ruth Halvorson (Harold E)
1980-81         Gail Dawson (William)
1981-82         Debbie Smith (Lindsay)
1982-83         Susie Riley (Patrick)
1983-84         Nancy Evans (Joe)
1984-85         Earlene Forsythe (James)
1985-86         Mary Conklin (Thomas)
1986-87         Barbara Spring (Donald)
1987-88         Sharla Scott (John Jr.)
1988-89         Naomi Sande (John)
1989-90         Jean Myles (Robert K)
1990-91        Julie Arger (Kosta)
1991-92        Maureen Tappan (W. Ross)
1992-93        Mary Gainey (Michael D.)
1993-94        Judy Gregory (Paul)
1994-95        Ginny Williamson (John)
1995-96        Carol Coppola (Ralph)
1996-97        Eileen Edgecomb (John)
1997-98        Janice Brady (Tom)  
               Vicki Lemieux (John)
1998-99        Laura Dilley (Thatcher)
1999-00        Linda Smith (Ronald)
2000-01        Rene Rores (Christopher)
2001-02        Barbara Thompson (David)
               Nancy Proctor (Robert)
2002-03        Christine Lazzarini  (Michael Morkin)
2003-04        Sharon Cecchi (Geoff)
               Trudy Wallace (Bruce)
2004-05        Sharon Cecchi (Geoff)
               Trudy Wallace (Bruce)
               Rene Rores (Christopher)
               Maureen Tappan (Ross)
               Jan Brady (Tom)
               Vicki Lemieux (John)
2005-06        Wendy Nason (Daniel)
2006-07        Pat Hicks (Henry)
2007-08        Kitty Smith (Leslie)
2008-09        Patty Rosenauer  (Richard Ardill)
               Shelley Carrea  (Frank)
2009-10        Bev Lawrie (James)
               Sherry Morgan (Jay)
               Brenda Twite (Tony)
2010-11        Katy Mann (William)
2011-12        Monica Brandl (Joe)
2012-13        Ingrid Drummer (Eric)
2013-14        Sherry Morgan (Jay)
               Monica Brandl (Joe)
               Pat Hicks (Henry)
               Katy Mann (William)
2014-15        Jean Mullins (Rick)     
2015-16        Lainey Lieberstein (Loth)
2016-17        Mary Conklin (Thomas)
               Carole Hess (George)
               Linda Smith (Ronald)
AWCMS Past Presidents
Twenty-two (22) of the forty-six (46)  AWCMS Past Presidents gathered at Rapscallion to welcome
Immediate Past President Lainey Lieberstein (2015-16) to the ranks, Tuesday August 29th at Rapscallion.  
It is difficult to get a good photo of this many people together, but this turned out rather well.   Good
company; obviously a great many good conversations; and - a very nice welcome for Lainey.  Thanks to
Susie Riley, this years Past President's Chairman.  The age range of those who were there was 47 to 90,
and we come from varied backgrounds.  We are what makes AWCMS happen!   Mary Conklin and Linda
Smith are the Co-presidents with Carole Hess, who has not served in this capacity prior to this year.  Carole
will be welcomed to this distinguished group next year.    

Left to right, back:  Carol Coppola (1995-6), Jan Brady (1997-8, 2004-5), Monica Brandl 2011-12, 2013-14),
Patty Rosenauer (2008-9),  Eileen Edgcomb (1996-7), Nancy Evans (1983-4), Ginny Williamson 1994-5),
Lainey Lieberstein (2015-16), Rene Rores (2000-01, 2004-05, , Bev Lawrie (2009-10), Trudy Wallace
(2003-04, 2004-05), Shelley Carrea (2008-09), Linda Smith 1999-00).  Front:  Jean Myles (1989-90), Ruth
Halvorson (199-80), Hostess Susie Riley (1982-83), Katy Mann (2010-11, 2013-14), Naomi Sande
1988-89), Christine Lazzarini (2002-03), Nancy Proctor (2001-020, Mary Conklin (1985-86), Kitty Smith
(2007-08) and Jean Mullins (2014-15).